Stereoviews with your Smartphone – Quick Video Tutorial

Stereoviews with your Smartphone – Quick Video Tutorial

Taking sequential photographs to make a stereoview is the same technique used by the pioneer stereo-photographers, such as William Henry Fox Talbot and Antoine Claudet; they however, had much longer exposure times, so a few seconds with a smartphone is such a revolution! With the apps 3DSteroid for iPhones and i3DSteroid Pro for Android you can make your own formatted and aligned stereoviews in seconds.

(Please note that the video is best viewed in HD).

This is the video I shared during the event ‘A Celebration of Stereoscopic 3D’ and thank you so much to everyone who requested for it to be uploaded afterwards. Thank you also to Lebrock for giving me permission to share their music with the video (I personally think it’s the best bit).

For written smartphone stereoview tutorials with plenty of images please see my other blog posts: here for iPhones, here for Android phones. You can also find a tutorial on how to view stereoviews in this tutorial.

If you’d like to eventually take it further and consider the stereo-window please see this tutorial. Remember though that stereoscopy is, and always should be, entertaining and educational. Please have fun!

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4 thoughts on “Stereoviews with your Smartphone – Quick Video Tutorial

  1. Hi,

    Unfortunately I get a 404 file not found with the link to the video.

    Yes the event at the weekend was very good. I must connect two of my Infrared converted cameras and shoot some IR 3D video. It would be different.



    1. Thank you so much for the feedback Nigel, I’m pleased you enjoyed it. I’m not sure why it’s saying file not found, it’s showing for others, hopefully it’ll appear for you soon. IR 3D video does sound really awesome!


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