A Celebration of Stereoscopic 3D — Part the First

A Celebration of Stereoscopic 3D — Part the First

Event: 21-22 November 2020

Rachel Nordstrom from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, Victor Flores, from Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisbon, Portugal, Denis Pellerin and Rebecca Sharpe, from the London Stereoscopic Archive, England, joined forces to organise this free online event which was meant to be a celebration of Stereoscopic 3D. We invited photo historians, artists, curators, collectors and photo dealers to talk about their passion to explore various aspects of stereoscopy.

As you can see from the timetable below there were four different sessions over the two days (afternoons actually); any recordings of these sessions will not be available afterwards to encourage attendance. A PDF containing the biographies and abstracts of the speakers and their presentations for this event can be downloaded by clicking on the following link (please note that the PDF file is large, 88.4MB, so it may take a while to display/download depending on your connection. We are aware that some of the links are not working correctly):

Please note that this event was organised by the four previously mentioned individuals, the organisation has no association with societies or clubs.

We’ve made a hashtag on Instagram #celebrationof3D to share your stereoviews and feedback from this event.

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us on Zoom for two afternoons of great 3D! 

And, remember, stereoscopy has always been and should always remain educational and entertaining.

Saturday 21st November 2020: 1st Session 14:00 – 16:00 GMT
Moderator: Rachel Nordstrom
Examining the birth and rapid growth of stereoscopy from the earliest known, yet lost stereo images at Lacock, to the lesser-known Edinburgh Stereographic Company, and finally how Stereophotography ‘won the war’! 
We began the weekend with talks from Denis Pellerin, Peter Blair and Geoff Hallett in this session. It was followed by a short tutorial on creating your own stereo images with your smartphone! 
– Denis Pellerin (London Stereoscopic Archive) Fancyglyphs showing *SBS PV **RCA ***SBS CV at the same time
– Peter Blair (independent lecturer, author) *SBS PV
– Geoff Hallet (WWII photo historian) *SBS PV
– Rebecca Sharpe (London Stereoscopic Archive) Presentation includes text and examples of *SBS PV **RCA ***SBS CV
Saturday 21st November 2020: 2nd Session 17:00 – 19:00 GMT
Moderator: Victor Flores
We delved into the wild and wonderful mind of art in all its dimensions! What more could you ask for from a Saturday afternoon?
We welcomed presentations from Nick Wade, Colleen Woolpert, Edgar Pêra and Robert Bloomberg in this session. It ended with two short immersive and amusing films by Robert.
– Nicholas Wade (University of Dundee) **RCA
– Colleen Woolpert (artist) includes *SBS PV
– Edgar Pêra (film maker) **RCA
– Robert Bloomberg (artist – video maker) *SBS PV
Sunday 22nd November 2020 1st Session 14:00 – 16:00 GMT
Moderator: Denis Pellerin
The who what where when and why of personal collections and how to get started yourself. 
Hold on to your shutters! We started with short presentations from Johnathan Ross, Stewart & Skeels and Paul Cordes, followed by a fantastic Q&A.
– Jonathan Ross (collector) includes *SBS PV
– Lindsey Stewart and Joanna Skeels (photo dealers) includes *SBS PV
– Paul Cordes (photo dealer) includes *SBS PV
Sunday 22nd November 2020 2nd Session 17:00 – 19:00 GMT
Moderator: Denis Pellerin
What archival collections are publicly available, how you can engage with them and what the future holds for fully immersive technologies. 
We got our back-stage-passes for archives presented by Rachel Nordstrom, Eric Kurland and Victor Flores.
– Rachel Nordstrom (University of St Andrews) **RCA
– Eric Kurland (3-D SPACE) **RCA
– Victor Flores (Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisbon) **RCA
Viewers required for each session:
*SBS PV = Side-by-side parallel view format presentation, OWL VR kit, Lite OWL viewers, Loreo Pixi, etc. advised on smartphones and tablets.
**RCA = Red and cyan anaglyph format presentation, red and cyan anaglyph glasses.
***SBS CV = Side-by-side cross view format presentation, cross your eyes if you can (other methods are also used in the same presentation).


The Stereoscopy Blog is proud to have hosted this page for the event to keep it up to date. If you have any feedback or comments for the organisers please send me a message on the contact page and I will pass them on.

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Celebration of Stereoscopic 3-D – Part the First event and a huge thank you to the organisers, amazing speakers and wonderfully engaging participants.

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