A Celebration of Stereoscopic 3D — Part the Second

A Celebration of Stereoscopic 3D — Part the Second

EVENT: 20 – 21 FEBRUARY 2021

Rachel Nordstrom from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, Victor Flores, from Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisbon, Portugal, Denis Pellerin and Rebecca Sharpe, from the London Stereoscopic Archive, England, joined forces once again to organise this free online event which was a celebration of stereoscopic 3D. We invited photo historians, researchers, artists, curators, collectors and innovators to talk about their passions, exploring various aspects of stereoscopy.

Celebration of 3D-Part 2-01

There were 12 different presentations over two afternoons for this free event, and each day had a different format to accommodate presenters from all over the world. The timetable can be found below.

Recordings of the event will NOT be available afterwards to encourage attendance.


Saturday 20th February 2021 14:00 – 19:00 GMT
Moderators: Rachel and Denis
Our first day celebrates the past and future of stereoscopy, taking us back and forth on an incredible journey through time and space. 
We will start in the 19th Century with the interesting early stereoscopic documentation of territorial Arizona, followed by the story of photography and rivalry at the summit of majestic Mont Blanc. We will then travel to the future with the exciting development of the world’s first personal holographic display, capable of displaying stereo pairs, followed by two incredible projects, one which applies a novel digital stereo rectification technique, based on the unique properties of antique stereo cameras, and the other uses modern technology to colourise historical images. We will end the day by examining the glory of the heyday of View-Master through an amazing collection, then joyfully hop back to the future by introducing a soon-to-launch Kickstarter campaign for a new pinhole stereo camera.
We look forward talks and presentations from Dr Jeremy Rowe, Dr Peter Blair, Shawn Frayne, Xuan Luo, Wolfgang Sell and Dominik Oczkowski.
14:00 – 15:25 GMT:
Dr. Jeremy Rowe ‘Early Stereoscopic Documentation of Territorial Arizona’. *SBS PV
Dr. Peter Blair ‘The Story of Mont Blanc – Photography and Rivalry at the Summit of Europe’. *SBS PV
15:55 – 17:10 GMT:
Shawn Frayne ‘Looking Glass Portrait: Your Personal Holographic Display’.
Xuan Luo ‘Computational Time Machine’.
17:40 – 19:00 GMT:
Wolfgang Sell ‘View-Master: A Billion Windows on the World’. *SBS PV
Dominik Oczkowski ‘Minuta Stereo’. *SBS PV
Sunday 21st February 2021 14:00 – 19:00 GMT
Moderators: Denis and Victor
Our second day celebrates depth and vision, exploring the amazing application of stereoscopy to art, photography and vision and the Victorian quest to push the boundaries beyond depth.
We will learn about how the Victorians wanted to recreate real life in all its colourful, moving, stereoscopic 3-D glory, how beginners can find their feet in analogue stereo photography, and how a scientist used vision therapy, after a lifetime of stereo blindness, to amazingly see the world in three dimensions for the first time. We will experience the wonder of using high definition video capture to allow us to be immersed in beautiful landscapes whilst in lockdown and the incredible way an artist uses stereoscopic photography as a studio aid. We will finish the celebration by exploring stunningly creative stereo photography of the 20th Century and see a preview of the Stereo & Immersive Media 2021 Conference.
We will enjoy talks and presentations from Denis Pellerin, Rebecca Sharpe, Dr Susan Barry, Andrew Brooks, Michael Taylor, Stan White and Victor Flores.
14:00 – 16:00 GMT:
Denis Pellerin ‘When Depth Was Not Enough’. *SBS PV
Rebecca Sharpe ‘Getting Started in Analogue Stereo Photography’. *SBS PV
Dr. Susan Barry ‘Fixing my Gaze’. **RCA
16:50 – 18:00 GMT:
Andrew Brooks ‘3D Journeys Through the Landscape’. *SBS PV
Michael Taylor ‘Seeing Double: Stereoscopy in the Artist’s Studio’. *SBS PV
18:10 – 19:00 GMT:
Stan White ’20th Century Stereo Photography’.
Victor Flores ‘Introducing the Stereo & Immersive Media 2021 Conference’.
Viewers required for each session: 
*SBS PV = Presentation includes side-by-side parallel view format images, OWL VR kit, Lite OWL viewers, Loreo Lite, etc. advised on smartphones and tablets. On larger screens a mirror-stereoscope (such as a NVP3D viewer, Loreo Pixi) or prismatic glasses.
**RCA = Presentation includes red and cyan anaglyph format images, red and cyan anaglyph glasses (red filter on left eye).
Please note that the breaks will include videos which have examples of both side-by-side parallel-view and anaglyph images.

A PDF containing the biographies and abstracts of the speakers and their presentations can also be downloaded here (4.2MB file):

Please note that this event is organised by the four previously mentioned individuals, the organisation has no association with societies or clubs and we respectfully ask for the chat not to be spammed with advertisements during the event.

We made a hashtag on Instagram #celebrationof3D to share your stereoviews and feedback for this event.

A huge thank you to those who joined us again on Zoom for two afternoons of great 3D! 

And, remember, stereoscopy has always been and should always remain educational and entertaining.


The Stereoscopy Blog is proud to have once again hosted a page for the event. If you have any feedback or comments for the organisers or presenters please send me a message on the contact page and I will pass them on.

We hope everyone has an enjoyable Celebration of Stereoscopic 3-D –- Part the Second event and I wish the organisers, presenters and participants the best of luck.

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