Stereoscopy Blog Founder and Author

My love of all things stereoscopy started very simply with the best childhood ‘toy’ I could have wished for: a View-Master. This incredible device captured my imagination and, along with my love of photography, inspired me to start creating my own stereoviews using different techniques, including digital and analogue. Later, I began studying and researching the history of photography and stereoscopy, and collecting my interests as much as I can without the bank chasing me.

After several years in the wilderness of science I am now very fortunate to work full-time in the world of stereoscopy: historical, modern and everything in between.

This blog is dedicated to all things Stereoscopic past, present and future. My aim is to help make stereoscopy accessible to everyone, regardless of experience and knowledge, demystify it, and show how entertaining, enjoyable, artistic and educational it is.

I wanted to create a free and open resource where anyone can learn about the aspects of stereoscopy which appeal to them, in their own time and at their own pace, and to encourage everyone to join in. I will help anyone directly if they ask, or refer them on to someone else who can; I am very much an enthusiastic amateur and do not consider myself an expert. If you have any suggestions or requests for the website please get in touch, I would like to make it as useful as possible with your involvement.

After my own experiences and listening to others trying to get into the world of stereoscopy, I want to make you feel welcome, valued, capable and included. I write in quite an informal and direct way so you hopefully feel that I am writing to you, not at you; after all, we are all eternal students of stereoscopy! I’m very blessed to have other authors writing for the Blog who will inspire and encourage you in the world of stereoscopic 3-D.

Boring bit: Please note that all views in my posts are my own and all blog content belongs to me, or to the respective post’s author. External websites which contain links to this blog are not endorsed by me or associated with this blog. This is an independent blog; it and myself are not affiliated with any clubs or societies, and are not representing any organisations in my posts. If you would like to re-use any of the content from this blog, please contact me first. Also note, I’m based in the UK and often the events mentioned will reflect this.

Stereoscopy is my life and passion and I look forward to sharing it with you.