1960s Stereo-Camera Slides Part 2

1960s Stereo-Camera Slides Part 2

Here are a few more stereoviews from the box of about 30 1960s UK stereo-camera slides which I’ve scanned, digitally cleaned and digitally remounted. Please note that although I’ve aligned them slightly I purposely haven’t edited the contrast or brightness so you can see them in their ‘true’ colours (as much as digital reproduction allows). It’s nice to be able to share them after they’ve been forgotten about for decades.

The stereoview below is another one of my favourites because of the charity collection boxes shaped like a girl and a dog outside of a shop. They used to be a common sight on Britain’s High Streets but I’ve never seen one, only in photographs or television shows. I wonder where they all live now?

Newgate, York

I also like that the photographer tried taking photographs in very low light and the Christmas street lights in the next one actually worked quite well. They managed not to blur the whole image with a relatively low shutter-speed and still captured the moving cars, I’m impressed. It’s also got a very cosy and familiar Christmas-glow to it, which I really like.


As we saw in the last post from this set I was quite surprised how littered Britain’s streets were at the time and here’s another stereoview which shows this. The road must have been very quiet traffic-wise with fewer cars because it’s unusual to see so many people walking in the road now. I also enjoy seeing the fashion, suited for another chilly day in the UK.


And now two home interiors, I’ve got to admit that I enjoy having a peek in to people’s homes in other eras.

I really like the symmetry and warm colours of the first interior, the random ornaments and the nice lighting.


This next interior I think is in the photographer’s house because I recognise the window, wallpaper and table from the still-life with fruit which I posted previously (I think they must have eaten it by the time they took this photo!). It’s a very 1960s style but they apparently also liked antique furniture.


And another example of their nighttime photography. I really like how they did this and wonder if they had a light-source separate to the camera’s flash so they could get the camera’s settings adjusted before they took the photographs. I enjoy seeing them experiment and would love to go back and talk with them about their photography. Films and flashbulbs were readily available and inexpensive then, stereocameras and accessories could still be purchased either new or in very good used condition and many shops offered slide-film processing (some even mounted them for you). All this availability made experimenting with slide film so much easier and affordable…how times have changed!


And these last images which I’m sharing are a before and after to show that not only are the slides dirty from years of storage but they are also damaged by the sticky tape which has been used to mount them. If anyone in the future looks at my own slides I’m going to apologise now for the amount of sticky tape I use to make them. Some mounts had adhesive already applied to them so they just needed to pressing together, now..some 60 years later…this adhesive is dry and doesn’t work, doh!


Rob Caley suggested that this image is of the River Ouse in York. I’ve found a list of floods in the area and there is one listed in 1961 so it’s very likely that this is when this stereoview was taken.

As I mentioned in the last post very little information came with these, apart from the odd one which had a handwritten year or location. All of the images in this post had nothing written on them so any help identifying the area and/or buildings would be appreciated. Many thanks to Rob Caley for his help in identifying the stereoviews of York since I made this post.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these stereoviews and a step back in to 1960s Britain. I’m grateful for your feedback from the last post and thank you for taking the time to explore this little collection with me.

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2 thoughts on “1960s Stereo-Camera Slides Part 2

  1. The first slide was taken near Newgate market in York outside a half-timbered restaurant which I believe is now called Gert and Henry’s. I’m pretty sure that the third one was also taken in York, but I can’t be sure whether it shows a view of Coney St or Petergate. The last slide looks very much like a view from the river Ouse in York, but again I’m not sure of the exact location.


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