The Stereoscopy Blog Turns 3!

The Stereoscopy Blog Turns 3!

Apparently it’s the Stereoscopy Blog’s 3rd birthday today (I forgot!), so I thought I’d quickly send a sneak preview of some amateur stereos from a collection I’m going to post about in a few months time.

By pure coincidence, I purchased two separate lots of stereoviews by the same amateur photographer, about two years apart, from separate places.

These caught my eye as they are black and white print stereoviews, the same size as standard Victorian stereoviews….. but taken in the 1960s, when it’s more common to see the smaller colour slide-film stereos.


Original parallel-view stereo photo


Edited parallel-view stereo photo


Edited cross-view stereo photo

They show different areas and events in and around Manchester, UK, especially Piccadilly, where there was lots of construction work still ongoing after the destruction caused by German bombers in the Manchester Blitz, during two consecutive nights between December 22nd and 24th in 1940.

They also show everyday life in a bustling city and its quiet suburbs, which the photographer appears to be familiar with.


Original parallel-view stereo photo


Edited parallel-view stereo photo


Edited cross-view stereo photo

Unfortunately, the amateur photographer hasn’t written their name on any of the stereoviews, but they’ve kindly annotated the majority of them with the location, date and any event details, which always makes a researcher happy!

My favourite image from the collection is a simple composition of some terraced houses seen through a pathway with picket fencing. It’s beautiful in 3-D.


Original parallel-view stereo photo


Edited parallel-view stereo photo


Edited cross-view stereo photo

They really are a wonderful time capsule of a short period in the history of Manchester, so I’ll share more when I can (I currently have heaps of fantastic ongoing projects, lucky me!).

Included are both parallel- and cross-view versions which I’ve slightly digitally cleaned and aligned for your viewing pleasure, although the originals, despite being a tad grubby, are blumming lovely! If you need any help viewing them in 3-D, please see this post.

The last three years with the Stereoscopy Blog have been a fantastic blur; I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly and yet we’ve packed so much in! The support, encouragement and uptake have been an amazing surprise; seeing so many people flying the flag for stereoscopy is brilliant.

A few of us have been clubbing together for the Blog and have some exciting things planned for the first Stereoscopy Day on the 21st June 2022, an international celebration of stereoscopic 3-D organised by the Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy, so keep an eye out for those.

Thank you to each and every person who has supported and collaborated with the Stereoscopy Blog so far, it’s an honour and a pleasure to help make stereoscopy accessible with you and to you.

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2 thoughts on “The Stereoscopy Blog Turns 3!

  1. are your views avail in both cross and parallel? I can only cross view! love your contributions to 3d !!!!!! Bill


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