Minuta Stereo: New Pinhole Stereo Camera – Kickstarter Launched

Minuta Stereo: New Pinhole Stereo Camera – Kickstarter Launched

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched today for the Minuta Stereo camera by Oczko Stereo, aimed at bringing the magic of stereo photography back to a wider audience, the link can be found here.

The stereo pinhole camera is able to use both 35mm and 120 film and also can move 35mm film up or down inside the camera to avoid keystoning without tilting the camera, especially useful for architecture photography. The wonderful campaign launch video can be found here. More details about the camera can be found on the Oczkostereo website, link here.

Minuta Stereo Camera, image courtesy of Dominik Oczkowski.

The Kickstarter offers ready-assembled cameras, unassembled camera kits, early bird offers (be aware that these are strictly limited), stereoviews, postcards, stereoscopes, extra mounts, stickers and exclusive packages; there really is something for everyone’s level of backing. It’s an all-or-nothing campaign, so the camera will only be launched if the fundraising target of €23,000 is reached. It launched only about two and a half hours ago and has already reached just over €7,000 as I type this, so I very much hope it achieves its target (not least because I’d love one of these cameras!) I find the price of the ready-assembled camera very reasonable, especially compared to the prices of secondhand stereo cameras. It’s also very unusual now to be able to purchase a newly-made analogue stereo camera.

**UPDATE 27/04/21: The project has now been fully backed! Congratulations Dominik!! There are still 9 days to go to back this Kickstarter to pre-order a camera/stereoscope/accessories. You can now also add on a light meter, the Foton Stereo as an add-on with a camera/stereoscope/camera and stereoscope set. On Kickstarter, if you want to add it to a pledge which you’ve already placed, click on ‘Manage your pledge’, then ‘Change your pledge’. In this screen you’ll see the camera/stereoscope/camera stereoscope set you’ve already pledged – click on ‘Pledge €….’ and in the next screen ‘Configure Reward’ you’ll see the Foton Stereo included in the optional add-ons below. Once you’ve added it on, click continue to save.**

Examples of stereoviews taken with this camera can also be found in the London Stereoscopic Company’s March 2021 gallery, link here and our joint-effort article on The Photo Argus. If you’ve never tried pinhole photography before I really recommend giving it a go, it’s fun and definitely a very mindful version of photography, with exposures of several seconds, depending on light and film speed. STEREO pinhole photography is twice as much fun too! For some hints and tips on getting started in analogue stereo photography, please see this post.

We were very lucky to have Dominik present his camera and his personal history of stereoscopy at our recent event, A Celebration of Stereoscopic 3D – Part the Second and it was really interesting to see passion for stereoscopy from an architect’s point of view.

I’ve already backed the project and pre-ordered a camera, plus a few extras. I personally wish Dominik the very best of luck with this Kickstarter project.

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