‘Bordeaux: The Capital of Stereoscopy’. Free International 3-D Conference.

‘Bordeaux: The Capital of Stereoscopy’. Free International 3-D Conference.

The first international conference of stereoscopic photography in Bordeaux, France, takes place from the 11th to 13th May 2023, with an exhibition from the 4th May to 22nd June 2023 at the Mériadeck Library.

CLEM Patrimoine, The Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy, and other partners, are organising this event, which, for three days, will see Bordeaux, France, become the international capital of stereoscopy.

Thursday 11th May 2023

On the first day of the conference, speakers from across the world will be giving insights into different aspects of stereoscopic photography at the the MECA (Maison de l’Economie Créative et de la Culture) auditorium in Bordeaux.

For the full program (mostly in French), please visit this link: https://imagestereoscopiques.com/programme-de-levenement/

For the biographies of the speakers (in French), please click on this link: https://imagestereoscopiques.com/les-conferenciers/

To register to attend this day’s conference (in French and English) , please click on this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1x1R9CYQmtxsmYiOngYq4yL1ZOgKAta02sWx10CKLbqE/viewform?edit_requested=true

Please note, filming is not permitted during any of the talks and projections

Friday 12th May 2023

On the second day there will be talks, screenings, meetings, and workshops with schoolchildren at the Conseil départemental de la Gironde, 9am-4.40pm. 6pm will see the official opening of an exhibition dedicated to stereoscopy at the Mériadeck library.

Saturday 13th May 2023

On the third and last day of the conference, there will be talks and screenings in the auditorium of the Mériadeck library, and the official release of photo historian Denis Pellerin’s book on Napoleon III, photography and stereoscopy.

Please note the full details of activities for each day can be found here (in French), where you will also find local excursions.

4th May to 22nd June

The Mériadeck Library will be hosting an exhibition dedicated to stereoscopy, with highlights including:

  • The History of Stereoscopy, curated by CLEM and the Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy (BMAS)
  • Diableries, curated by Phillipe Dallais, Didier Chatellard, and BMAS
  • Lenticular Artworks by Henri Clément and Maurice Bonnet, curated by his daughter Michèle Bonnet
  • Henri Caruel, film set photographer, curated by the Pathé Seydoux Foundation and BMAS

Details of the conference’s events and exhibition can be found here: https://imagestereoscopiques.com/rencontre-stereo/

For the latest official updates and news of this event, and for any enquiries, please visit the CLEM Patrimoine’s website, their Facebook and Instagram accounts, and The Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy.


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