Happy International Stereoscopy Day

Happy International Stereoscopy Day

Wishing everyone a very happy 1st International Stereoscopy Day! On this very day 184 years ago, in 1838, Charles Wheatstone presented his revolutionary invention: the reflecting stereoscope, and demonstrated his theory of binocular vision, to the Royal Society.

To celebrate today the Stereoscopy Blog is releasing an article every two hours, to celebrate different aspects of stereoscopy, until 22:00 BST.

On the official Stereoscopy Day website you’ll find a list of events happening across the world.

I can’t thank all the contributors enough for all their efforts in helping to make today special, and a real celebration of stereoscopic 3-D. Also a huge thanks to Sir Charles Wheatstone for making all this possible, I’ll buy him a pint later.

However and wherever you’re celebrating, we wish you an enjoyable #StereoscopyDay

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