Free Online 3-D Event: Cha-Cha Chatterton

Free Online 3-D Event: Cha-Cha Chatterton

The stories behind Victorian and modern stereos after Henry Wallis’s 1856 work “The Death of Chatterton” and how to create similar images will be discussed by Photo Historian Denis Pellerin on the 7th October 2021, 18:30 BST.

To accompany the launch of a set of six detachable stereoscopic postcards, published by the London Stereoscopic Company and featuring Dr. Brian May re-enacting the last moments of eighteenth century poet Thomas Chatterton, photo historian Denis Pellerin will tell the stories behind the staging for the stereoscope of Henry Wallis’s painting, The Death of Chatterton, in the late 1850s and more recently. Using similar examples, Denis will also show you how to recreate famous paintings and photograph them in 3D with the Cha-Cha technique and its variants. This 30-minute talk will start at 6.30 pm BST on Thursday 7 October. The talk is FREE but registration ended at 5.00 pm BST (GMT+1) on 6 October 2021. Please find the registration link here:

The link was sent to all registered participants on October 6th at 17:15 BST. Check you spam folder in case it has ended up there. If, for some reason, you didn’t get the link, please contact Denis Pellerin at before 6.00 pm on October 7th.

Images in this post are used with kind permission from Denis Pellerin.

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