The Classic Platform: A New Online Resource for Photographic History.

The Classic Platform: A New Online Resource for Photographic History.

The Classic Photo Magazine have recently launched their new online resource ‘The Classic Platform’ which features a number of fascinating photographic history articles and papers which they can’t fit into their twice-yearly magazine.

Currently my fellow blogger and photo historian Denis Pellerin has three articles published on the Classic Platform. One devoted to stereoscopy is ‘The Commissioned Oxford Stereos of Spiers and Sons‘, which not only explores the history of a series of stereoviews published by this company but also the technique used to take the left and right photos sequentially, the Latimer Clark Process.

The other two articles, which also include some beautiful stereoviews, are ‘Florence Nightingale: The Mysteries Behind Her Iconic Photographs‘ and ‘When a Family Album Turns Out to be a Piece of Photographic History‘.

I am aware of a very interesting fourth article which has just been submitted to the platform about a photographer, W. T., which includes some of the history of stereoscopy. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so please visit the Classic Platform for more information.

I personally want to thank Bruno Tartarin and Michael Diemar for making this platform and the Classic Photo Magazine freely available to everyone. I wish you great success with them both.

The website for the Classic Photo Magazine can be found here.

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