Happy Caturday: Cats in 3-D

Happy Caturday: Cats in 3-D

For a crazy cat person every single day is Caturday so let’s celebrate our feline friends in stereoscopic 3-D!

A. Silvester – Happy Homes.

No kitten around, cat photography was invented long before social media, it stretches back almost to the birth of photography, fur real.

J. Elliott – Five Weeks After Marriage “That Nasty Disgusting Pipe”.

Some of the kitties take bit of finding in these stereoviews but it’s not impawsible to spot them.

A. Silvester – Serious Old Lady “I cannot positively allow you to keep a Cat that Swears.”

The long exposure times for early photography meant that either the kitties were asleep or unfurtunately stuffed.

Unattributed, no title.

I’ve put together a random selection of some of my stereoviews of cats, regardless of quality, technique and from different eras so I hope you find some you think are pawsome.

L. S. & Co. Series – No. 86 – Playful Kittens.

I digitally cleaned most of them to remove some of the distractions but some are still (cl)awful and I must apawlogise, not least for the terrible puns so I’ll leave you to enjoy the rest…

L. S. & Co. Series – No. 108 – Tabby As Grandma.
Griffith & Griffith – No. 14758 – The Sick Kitten.
Griffith & Griffith – Trials of the Day are O’er.
Underwood & Underwood – No. 6952 – Fast Friends Passing the Gates of Sleepy Land.
The Great Western View Co. – Teaching Kitty to take the bottle.
‘Sandy’ – Stereo Realist camera & Kodak Ektachrome E100 35mm
‘Tiny Leopard’ – ISO Duplex Super 120 camera & Kodak Tri-X 400ASA 120 film.
‘Tiny Leopard’ – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & 3DSteroid Pro app.

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