Welcome to Stereoscopy.blog

Welcome to Stereoscopy.blog

Hello and welcome to my blog dedicated to all things Stereoscopic past, present and future. My aim is to help make stereoscopy accessible to everyone, regardless of experience and knowledge, demystify it, and show how entertaining, enjoyable, artistic and educational it is. I wanted to create a free and open resource which includes tutorials so anyone can join in and learn about the aspects of stereoscopy which interest them, in their own time and at their own pace.

Please note that as well as the blog itself there is also an events calendar (the link can be found at the top of every screen), so you can find upcoming events and get involved.

I update previous posts quite often to include questions I’ve been asked online and whilst giving workshops at universities and other institutions so it’s worth checking back for extra bits of information.

If you have any questions, calendar events, feedback or suggestions please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the contact page, I would like to make this blog as useful as possible for everyone with your help.

Stereoscopy is my life and passion and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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